Chris Knox

by Tough Age


  • Taken from our tour tape, "An Exercise in Futility", full of castoffs and covers.
    I've spoken a lot about how much respect and admiration I have for Chris Knox, and we have played a few of his songs live since the beginning of this band, so we decided to record them live off the floor for our tape. His body of work and his determination, even through all the curves life threw at him, inspire me like nothing else.
    The download of these songs is FREE but may I suggest making a donation to the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand in any token amount to large donation you may be able to spare:
    The Woman Inside of Me originally appears on the Chris Knox album Seizure. We recorded our version live on CJSW in 2014; Mac Lawrie plays drums on this one.
    A version of The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Tall Dwarfs) got cut before recording because it was not good.
    Pull Down the Shades & Sheep both appear on any compilation or album of Toy Love you might get. Our covers were both recorded live off the floor at the Family Christmas by Jay Arner in February 2016.
    Chris-a-riffic plays the keys on SHEEP
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released April 5, 2016



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